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Working Capital Finance Solutions

Exploring Working Capital and Cashflow Solutions for Minority-owned Suppliers

About The Webinar

Join LSQ and the Diversity Consortium for this live webinar where we'll survey the landscape of working capital and cash flow solutions available to disadvantaged and minority-owned (XBE) suppliers and corporate supply chains. It's a well known fact that XBE suppliers have long faced difficulties obtaining or qualifying for traditional financing. 

This webinar will explore why this disparity exists, key challenges facing XBE suppliers, and what solutions exist to help minority-owned suppliers obtain the financing they need to make their businesses grow and thrive.

What You'll Learn

An overview of the current data surrounding minority-owned businesses and access to finance.

The main reasons minority-owned businesses are often turned down for traditional finance.

Introduce the Cash Conversion Cycle and how businesses should try to manage working capital.

Explore different working capital solutions available to suppliers including: Invoice Factoring, PO Finance, and Supply Chain Finance.

Hear from experts on what is being done to ensure a level playing field for minority-owned businesses.





On-Demand Webinar
Duration: 45 Minutes
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Kavy Lenon | Meijer

Kavy serves as the Supplier Diversity Manager for Meijer. For the past decade, Kavy has been a contributor in promoting growth of diverse owned businesses through various opportunities by coaching, educating, advocating, and outreach. Kavy current serves as the Vice President for the Veteran Owned Business Roundtable, and community advocate for Ottawa County. 

Robert Hanshaw | Coca-Cola

Robert has spent the last 10 years in leadership positions at two of the largest brands in the world, Nestle’ and Coke Cola. He has a passion for developing people and procurement. Responsible for developing and leading a team to manage Indirect category spend for the premier CSD beverage brands.

John Teixeira | LSQ

John serves as the Vice President of Marketing for LSQ. John is an expert in working capital finance and works to educate enterprises and small businesses about optimizing their cash conversion cycles in-order-to enhance cash flow and drive growth. 

Robert Travia | The Diversity Consortium

Rob brings to the Diversity Consortium over 30 years of global leadership experience as a supply chain and operations leader in the aerospace, automotive, and energy industries. He has extensive experience with both direct and indirect procurement and a proven track record implementing process improvement initiatives and driving cost reduction strategies and execution.

Lori Sternola | LSQ

Lori is our senior VP of supply chain sales and joined LSQ in 2019.  She specializes in crafting solutions that benefit both buyers and suppliers with a focus on supplier stability and growth. Prior to joining LSQ, she spent a career in investment banking and structured credit at firms including Lehman Brothers, UBS, and Wells Fargo.