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Guide to Navigating Customer Credit

How to avoid financial distress with your customers

If you're struggling to find the right approach when establishing customer credit, you're not alone. Many businesses don't know where to start when evaluating the health of their customers. Having the right approach can help you make smarter decisions on new customers and reduce the risk of late or missed payments.

To help businesses better understand their customer's credit risk, LSQ has created a FREE Customer Credit Assessment guide to assist in the process.

What You'll Learn

How your business can lay the foundation to assess customer credit.

The key financial statements you should collect and their important data points to understand.

How to leverage third-party credit sources to build a larger picture of your customers' health.

Identify payment behaviors that may signal your customers are experiencing economic distress.





As Chief Risk Officer, Richard leads LSQ’s underwriting, credit, data analytics, and purchasing teams. Richard joined the company in 2016. Prior to joining LSQ, Richard worked at Goldman Sachs and Capital Group.

Richard Lee

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