Standard funding options not working for you?

By partnering with LSQ, you can get ahead of your cash-flow requirements with competitive funding rates, large credit lines, and flexible deal structures. 

On top of that, you'll have access to comprehensive accounts receivable management, including credit decisioning and monitoring, and white-glove collections management.

Read on to learn how others like you have addressed operational and growth challenges, or fill out the form to schedule a no-cost working capital consultation with our experts.

Survive in a Tough Economy

Payroll is always right around the corner. 

On top of that, rent, tax payments, your suppliers and vendors, and other expenses don’t wait for your customers to pay you.

You need working capital, cash, right now to make sure your employees are taken care of, your supplier relationships remain healthy, and the government stays at arm’s length.

The problem is that traditional financing is getting tighter. Bank workouts and turnarounds are becoming more common in the current economic environment. 

Now is the time to look to a partner who has more than 25 years working with regional and national banks to help companies like yours survive LOC exits, carve outs, and turnarounds.

But don't just take our word for it, watch the short video clip of a long-time LSQ customer, Optimum Healthcare IT, or read one of our many success stories.

Bring Stability to Your Operations

Life was a little more predictable when money was almost free. But now, with rising interest rates, concerns about inflation, and the big “R” word (recession), you find yourself searching for the cash flow certainty of days gone by.

You need a reliable source of working capital so you can rest easy, maintain operations - keep the lights on and your people paid - and handle high interest rates and seasonality. 

Working with LSQ can help you get the funding stability to keep your business moving when the cash isn't flowing.

Interested in how your peers have managed this? Check out the story of our long-time LSQ partner, Skyview Capital, and then read some of our many case studies.

Scale Your Business

The LSQ Difference

Whether it's invoice finance, inventory lines, or a combination of funding, LSQ can create a finance solution to meet your needs.

Flexible Financing

LSQ doesn't carry to the fees associated with traditional ABLs and can help with high debtor concentrations and challenged situations.

No Fees or Covenants

In addition to funding, LSQ offers comprehensive credit and collections management to free up your staff to focus on more strategic priorities.

Comprehensive AR Solutions

Improve access to working capital.

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Certain financing may be made through LS DE LLC’s Department of Financial Protection & Innovation, Finance Lenders’ License pursuant to California Financing Law.

Growing a business - either through new business or expanded contracts with existing customers - requires capital. New equipment, larger facilities, and/or more employees can put a strain on cash. You need a source of working capital that you can control.

In our 25-plus years, LSQ has helped companies like yours find the working capital they need to invest in new product lines, meet staffing needs, and procure the materials to scale to new heights.

Discover stories of other growing businesses and how they took control of their working capital.

Stories from Companies Like Yours

Other Stories from Companies Like Yours

Stories from Companies Like Yours

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