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Future-Proof Your Supply Chain Against Disruptions 

About The Webinar

The COVID-19 outbreak has caused unparalleled disruption to supply chains and markets throughout the world. Goods have stopped sailing, factories are shuttered, and assumptions have been shattered as the world slowly reopens. Businesses are now forced to rethink their dependence on China, how they manage their working capital, and how they can reduce supply chain disruption and improve resiliency.

In this webinar, led by the financial and risk experts at LSQ, we'll share our data-driven strategies and insights to help businesses successfully emerge from the current crisis and how to improve their supply chains in the post-pandemic world.

What You'll Learn

How optimizing the Cash Conversion Cycle can improve working capital and cash flow management.

How to assess the financial health of your supply chain and mitigate risk.

When to leverage "Just in Time" vs "Just in Case" supply chain strategies to minimize disruptions.

If you should diversify your supplier base away from China and which countries can fill the gap.

How to improve supply chain resiliency with a supply chain finance offering for your suppliers.





John leads the LSQ marketing team and spearheads supply chain finance outreach and onboarding efforts at LSQ.

John Teixeira

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Duration: 45 Minutes


Dan Ambrico

Dan is the CEO of LSQ. He has spent over 15 years in the financial services industry with stops including JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs and Level Global.