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Whitepaper: Environmental and Social Governance in Your Supply Chain

Discover the challenges and benefits of building an ESG-focused supply chain and how early-payment programs can help companies meet sustainability goals.

ESG is important to every company - regardless of size or industry. Customers, investors, and governments expect businesses to play their part and be good global citizens and societal partners. That means lessening their impact on the environment, supporting human rights, and providing safe environments for their employees. Those values must be demonstrated in all aspects of the business - internally and externally - including the supply chain. 

While there are no easy answers to ensuring your suppliers are responsible corporate partners 100% of the time, there are steps you can take. Our whitepaper will guide you through the challenges and the benefits of an ESG-focused supply chain finance program.

What You'll Learn

The challenges of creating an ESG-focused supply chain - starting with mitigating social and environmental risk

The benefits of ESG in supply chains - from more flexibility to improved revenue

The steps to take to drive ESG in your supply chain 

How a well-implemented and executed supply chain finance program can help buyers and suppliers further their corporate responsibility initiatives. 





As Director of Content Marketing, Andy creates materials to help customers and potential customers understand the value of LSQ's working capital and payments solutions. Andy, a 25-year communications and marketing veteran, has experience in the education, newspaper, utilities and technology industries.

Andy Cagle

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