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DIP Financing On The Rise
Surveying The Current Landscape 

About The Webinar

Debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing is on the rise, and the inability of PPP to bridge long-term cash flow gaps is reflected by the increase in Chapter 11s. In short, several Mid-Market companies are over-leveraged and under-performing— keen on restructuring their debts and obligations.

Bankers, lawyers, consultants, and CROs are more frequently engaged in complex, COVID-related DIP transactions involving multiple stakeholders, reorganization, and 363 sales.

LSQ is well-positioned to serve as an advisor and solutions partner in matters relating to cash flow, including DIP financing. Our webinar provides attendees with intel to better approach and facilitate the acquisition of capital for your clients prior to and following a Chapter 11 petition.  

What You'll Learn

Our short- and long-term outlook for DIP transactions.

Disruptive events that may occur and influence 
the necessity for DIP financing.

Case studies reflective of what we’re seeing in 2021 vs. the last financial crisis.

Ideal scenarios where LSQ excels as a DIP partner





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Duration: 51 Minutes


Renee Jackson

SVP, National Sales Director
LSQ Funding Group

Doug Goldin

General Counsel
LSQ Funding Group

Tom Fevola

Director of Underwriting
LSQ Funding Group