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Buyers Guide to Working Capital Platforms

Explore Working Capital Solutions

Global Business Intelligence has published a Buyers Guide to Working Capital Platforms, where they explore the various solution types that make up the working capital management landscape and the pros and cons of each solution area. Beyond that, they explore the competitive market and compare the various players providing solutions across the myriad solution types.

This guide is a great starting point for any businesses looking to evaluate solutions that optimize their working capital, accounts payable or accounts receivable, or related services. You'll also get a better understanding of current trends and technologies that are revolutionizing the vendor landscape.

What You'll Learn

An in-depth understanding of working capital and cash conversion cycle optimization.

Explore the different techniques that working capital platforms use to deliver early payment solutions. 

Current trends in procurement and treasury that are impacting working capital.

A comprehensive overview of working capital solutions, including the LSQ FastTrack working capital platform.





Global Business Intelligence, founded in 1997, conducts consortium and proprietary research and advisory services around financial supply chain, working capital, trade finance and global trade. We work with senior executives at importers, exporters, banks, credit insurers, global transportation and logistic companies, and software vendors interested in global financial supply chain and B2B issues. To find out about our past, current, and future research or to discuss your unique needs, contact us.

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