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Selection Guide to Working Capital Management Solutions

Comprehensive benchmarks for choosing a platform to meet your company's working capital needs

Maximizing working capital is vital to the success of any company; without cash to make payroll, maintain facilities, or keep the lights on, businesses fail. To keep their liquidity, many companies have turned to accounts receivable and accounts payable financing programs to boost their working capital positions and support their cash-strapped suppliers. As the options have grown, choosing the right program can be daunting.

LSQ created this Buyer's Guide to provide you with a tangible framework to evaluate solutions, and, ultimately, identify one that best meets your working capital needs. 

What You'll Learn

What to look for in terms of what kind of interface a solution offers and the functions it can facilitate.

How to mitigate risk by looking for the right supplier risk analytics and insightful reporting. 

How to support a variety of programs with the flexibility of drawing from various funding sources.

The importance of easy implementation and onboarding, and dedicated account management ensuring enrollment and utilization of sellers across the supply chain.





As Director of Content Marketing, Andy creates materials to help customers and potential customers understand the value of LSQ's working capital and payments solutions. Andy, a 25-year communications and marketing veteran, has experience in the education, newspaper, utilities and technology industries.

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